A successful football player doesn’t just wake up one day with a streak of stellar games behind them and the echoes of appreciative fans ringing in his ears.

A successful football player consistently builds a legacy by upholding the skills and core values instilled by his coaches, mentors, teachers, and alma mater.


Pennsylvania’s Leading Sports and Educational Institution

Gators Football Academy’ Postgraduate Program’s mission is to prepare graduating high school student-athletes for acceptance into NCAA or NAIA colleges and universities—while they play competitive football.

Our commitment to providing state-of-the-art athletic training and holistic academic knowledge has helped us propel young men toward successful football careers.

Our coaches, teachers, and staff members work assiduously to ensure each student-athlete receives the mental, emotional, and physical training required to excel as a grounded and dedicated football player.

Our Approach


Pennsylvania’s Leading Athletic Program for Young Men

Our rigorous and expert-guided athletic program is focused on building, enhancing, and maintaining the physical and mental tenacity of each player. We train in a state-of-the-art facility and offer assiduous coaching from highly skilled and experienced college coaches.


A Holistic Approach That Ensures Academic Excellence

Our academic program focuses on sharpening time management skills, inculcating discipline, improving study habits, and offering excellent tutoring to elevate SAT and ACT test scores.