About Us


Pennsylvania’s Leading Sports and Educational Institution

The mission of The Gators Football Academy Football Program is to prepare graduating high school student athletes for acceptance into NCAA or NAIA colleges and universities, while playing competitive college football. We want to assist in the personal growth of our athletes. We do this with a comprehensive program which involves academics, athletics, peer counseling, and accountability.


A Holistic Approach That Ensures Academic Excellence

The focus of our academic program is to provide structure, time management skills, discipline, improved study habits and tutoring to assist in the student-athletes academic advancement.

The key is not the

will to win,

Everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.

Pennsylvania’s Leading Athletic Program for Young Men

The goal of our athletic program is to develop the total football player both physically, mentally, on and off the field. The player will be coached by highly experienced college coaches.


Situated in the Midst of Pennsylvania to Offer Players an Unforgettable Experience

In Spring City Pa, Camp Innabah is located on 179 acres along the French Creek in Chester County Pa. Innabah is accredited by The American Camp Association having met over 300 standards for safety, policies, staffing, procedures, programming, and operations to ensure you have an optimal experience.


Our student-athletes will live in cabin style housing. We want our players to bond together. We want to encourage our players to learn social and organizational skills by learning how to live with one another.


Our student-athletes will receive three meals per day. They will not only be fed they will learn how to cook and fend for themselves.


The Gators will accept a maximum of 55 of the finest student-athletes on a rolling admissions basis. We will have an abundant amount of quality applicants. We recommend you submit an application as early as possible. A decision will be E Mailed to the applicant with our decision by March 15th. Once offered admission a financial agreement (FA) will be sent along with a date that it must be returned along with a specified financial deposit. All payments will be paid in full before the start on classes.